Saturday, January 12, 2008

Donna Ashita Ga Kitemo Kono Omoi Wa Tsuyoi

I wondered if this was available on the Tubes of You. Younha is damn cute too.

I first heard Houki Boshi as an ending theme for a portion of the Bleach anime. The intensity was what got to me first. For a Japanese pop record, the execution of the wall of sound is top notch (not that I know enough about Japanese music to say so with authority, but it reads well). Her voice is beautiful too. I almost want to cry at certain parts of the song-and then, in the very next note, I want to laugh like I've never been lonely. It's an emotional roller coaster, or is for me at least. I love the sound of her piano, as well. It sounds synthesized, but like it's an antique synthesizer. The video is really cool too. Younha sitting on top of the world, literally. The shots of her at her piano, showing us just how cute she is (like so many Japanese chicks. Japanese chicks are the cutest of all the hot Asian chicks, no question) and the bits where she's holding the box with the little diorama in it are enthralling.

My little sister is going to love this.