Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He's Got A Future In British Steel

Keep searchin'.

Shulamith - Poli├ža
Up From Below - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Mechanical Bull - Kings Of Leon
Port Of Morrow - The Shins
New Moon - The Men
Heartthrob - Tegan & Sara
Hummingbird - Local Natives*
The Suburbs - The Arcade Fire*
Reflektor - The Arcade Fire
Vapor Trails Remixed - Rush

3 - Gamma
Lights Out - UFO
Drums & Wires - XTC
Crystal Logic - Manilla Road*

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Loved His Gun And His Sweet Cocaine

The ironic right to keep and bear arms? Or the right to keep and bear ironic arms?

Uh... Don't you mean...the police?

Also - you fail gun safety forever.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's The Agenda, What Were You Thinking?

Just learned that Guided By Voices drummer Kevin Fennel was fired from the band before their fifth LP since the reunion. Apparently, Fennel put the drums he used on the landmark album Alien Lanes up for sale for about $55,000. Ok, nothing wrong with that, right?

Apparently not if you're Robert Pollard. The GBV lead fired Fennel from the band and derided him for using the GBV name and the use of the set on Alien Lanes as his key selling point. He also had a few choice words to say about Fennel's drumming skills, none of then supportive. Bob, I love the music but seriously, take a chill pill.

It's kind of silly for Pollard to be pissed at Fennel over this as firstly, they're Fennel's drums. He can do whatever he wants with them. Secondly, it's as though Pollard is trying to make the point that he and he alone is GBV, which he's said in the past (something that I find kind of big-headed, but ok he's the key songwriter, I can let it slide), but here it doesn't make much sense. Fennel is credited with the drum work on Alien Lanes, whatever Pollard might have to say about it.

If Pollard is unhappy about his bandmates riding on his coattails, I don't feel he's chosen a good battlefield this time. I think he's off base.