Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Wish That I Could Live It All Again

It's time to wrap things up. Farewell, 2012.

Top 5 Albums Of 2012:
  1. Class Clown Spots A UFO - Guided By Voices
  2. Clockwork Angels - Rush
  3. Reign Of Terror - Sleigh Bells
  4. I Bet On Sky - Dinosaur Jr.
  5. WILD FLAG - Wild Flag
Top 5 Singles Of 2012
  1. 'Default' - Django Django
  2. 'Don't Pretend You Didn't Know' - Dinosaur Jr. 
  3. 'Simple Song' - The Shins
  4. 'Dark Star' - Polica
  5. 'Closer' - Tegan And Sara
Thanks to 91.3 WYEP, I have enough music to present these lists. Virtually the entire list of singles, except The Shins, came from listening to my new favorite radio station. 

Best Movie: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The other movie I saw this year was The Avengers, and the first chapter of The Hobbit has just about blown it out of the water. Also notable is that much earlier this year I saw The Big Lebowski and Raiders Of The Lost Ark on the big screen, thanks to the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. 

Best Concert: Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg
Again, one of two shows I saw this year, the other being the Beatles tribute band The Fab Four at the Carnegie Hall in Homestead. Both excellent shows in their own way; but for the implausibility, Marky and the boys take it. 

Best Railfan Event: Nickel Plate Road 765 visiting Pittsburgh
Steam, in large-and-in-charge mainline action, is hard to come by in this day and age. A very large thank you to Norfolk Southern for bringing back a steam program to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a company. 

Top 5 Restaurants Of 2012
  1. Lesvos Gyros
  2. Cambod-ican Kitchen
  3. Clem's BBQ
  4. Messina's Pizza
  5. Emiliano's Restaurant & Bar
Ok, I cheated slightly. I've known about Clem's and Messina's for years now, and have eaten at both in years prior as well. But the chance to eat at either doesn't come very often in this day and age, and so I'm including both here due to recent and delicious trips to each. 

Top 5 Bars
  1. Dee's Cafe
  2. Jack's 
  3. St. James' Place
  4. Lava Lounge
  5. Bar 11
Dee's keeps its top spot for its jukebox, Jack's is still a classic, St. James' is nice and out of the way, Lava Lounge is different, and Bar 11 has to be seen to be believed.

Top 5 Months Of Posts
  1. December (17)
  2. August (14)
  3. July (11)
  4. October (6)
  5. November (4)
Top 5 Months Of Traffic
  1. August (289)
  2. July (195)
  3. December (164)
  4. October (123)
  5. September (84)

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